A Brief List of What Living in France Has Taught Me

Published: 2018/04/11

Funny encounters of the French kind


These are excerpts from my English Stand-Up comedy show. I will be performing Tuesday, April 24 at Le Complexe du Rire in Lyon.



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“My dad is always right

No matter what happens in my life, what choices I make, where I decide to go, there’s something I can always count on. My dad is going to be right.

My dad spent most of my adolescence trying to convince me to take French lessons. Not Mandarin, the most spoken language in the world, not German or Japanese, FRENCH.

Nobody knows where he got the idea from. But he was focused and offered to pay for my classes several times.

My wise-ass reaction was:

– Why french? I’m never going to use that. I will NEVER live in France. No thanks.

fast forward to >>>  Me living in France and having a full-blown nervous breakdown over the proper use of the “passé composé” during small talk with a boulanger.

The moral of this story is:  my dad is psychic and he can see into the future.

Don’t get cocky!

The minute you start feeling confident, life hits you with a baguette right back into reality.

After a couple of months taking two hours a week of French classes, I was feeling good. I was feeling confident.

In my eyes, I was becoming the next Moliére with a hint of Edith Piaf.  It just took one trip to the supermarket and an encounter with a very confused store clerk to get me off that cloud and realizing I better sign up for some intensive lessons.

Learning a new language keeps you humble.

My accent is adorable

Be prepared to hear: -“votre accent est adorable” from every old lady in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of an argument, having a serious conversation with your doctor or just trying to get a beer at your favorite bar.

People will come and ask you, where is that “petite accent” from?

Learn to love being described as “mignon” at 28 years old”.

To be continued…

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