Interview of the Month: Alex Beretta, French-Irish street artist

Published: 2018/02/25

Every month, This Is Lyon interviews a member of the English speaking community.

“Lyon is aiming to be a new big European megalopolis”

My name is Alexandre Beretta and I’m a French-Irish international mural painter and street artist, creator of the “Yes We CANut” poster. I am also a professional rollerblader during my spare time. I was born in center of France and raised in Paris.


French-Irish mural painter Alexandre Beretta. (c) Robin Issartel

Where are you from and what are you doing nowadays ?

My Irish family is from County Cavan. I am based in Lyon but in the Philippines until the end of March for work.

Why did you choose to move to Lyon ?

I have chosen to move to Lyon because it’s a wonderful city, not far away from the Alpes and from the South of France. Moreover also because I integrated Europe’s only mural painting school there.

What attracted you to Lyon?

What I love about Lyon is that, even being the 2nd biggest city of France, it’s a human scale city.

What was your image of Lyon before you came here?

Before coming to Lyon I had the image of a frontal city between « north » and « south » of France, very quiet but where a lot of things happen.

What surprised you the most on your arrival?

When I arrived I was really surprised by the warmness and kindness of people compared to in Paris.

Have you been able to adapt to the way of life here?

I was able to adapt myself quickly to this way of life less stressful than in Paris. I really appreciated it.

Has it been easy to make local friends and connections ?

I arrived in Lyon as a student so yeah, it was really easy for me to make new friends and connections about what I love in life: art and sport.



How do you spend your leisure time?

It really depends on what season it is and what my state of mind is ! Rollerblading (or sport in general) is definitely my first activity when having free time. But I love also to travel, discover new places, new people, try new things etc..

What are your favourite local dishes?

I love the « Saucisson chaud », the « Bugnes » and the « Poulet Celestines» .

Where do you go for coffee, lunch, dinner, a drink?

Usually I go to Irish pubs (« Saint James » or « Paddy’s Corner ») but as I said earlier I like to discover new places so for me, each different appointment I have (friendly or professionally) is another good occasion to discover something else.

Your family is coming to visit. Where would you take them and what would you show them?

I’ll undeniably take them to Fourvière’s point of view, in Bellecour and in the Croix-Rousse neighborhood. And of course I’ll advise them to come during the « Fête des Lumières » in early December each year as well.

Your friends are coming. Where would you go?

Depending on the friends. I’ll take some to the Alpes for skiing, I’ll take some in Parc de la Tete d’Or to chill out, or some others around the Hotel de Ville neighborhood to party.

What do you like most about Lyon?

I don’t really know I can say about what I like the most in Lyon, I just like the city in it’s whole global identity.

If you had a magic wand what would you change about Lyon?

If I had a magic wand I would clearly put the sea with a reef to in order to have nice surf waves.

Would you like to give any advice to people moving to Lyon?

My advice to people coming to Lyon would be to enjoy everything and be curious. When you arrive in a new place, the first days/weeks your are all excited to discover everything and then you got kinda stuck in a routine that makes you don’t even like your place where you stay. Be curious anytime, discover new things and new places.

Do you feel that Lyon is an international city?

Lyon is obviously an international city thanks to everything which is happening everywhere about everything. Lyon is aiming to be a new big European (and even world) megalopolis, charming people from all around the world: students, expats, tourists.

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