My first international dinner in Lyon with Eattiz food network

Published: 2017/12/06

A Scottish girl eating Brazilian food in Lyon

Anna Goodfellow, our contributor from Glasgow, Scotland, tells This Is Lyon of her evening with Eattiz – an online platform similar to AirBnB that connects hosts who want to share their national dishes with guests who want to experience international cuisine. Here, Anna reflects on her night of lovely company and delicious food that she enjoyed whilst on her Erasmus year in Lyon.


Sunday evening. We’ve all been there. Still recovering from the night before and dreading the long week ahead. Or so I was, before stepping into Marina and Renatos cosy top floor apartment in the Guillotière area (Lyon 7th district).

Greeted with a hug and the smell of Brazilian cuisine, my hungover Sunday went from drab to fab in seconds.


So what is Eattiz?

Eattiz is an online platform that combines travel and cuisine. It is similar to AirBnB in the way that you can be a host or a guest, and the host welcomes you to dine in their home.

Marina and Renato explained that they were students carrying out a masters year at Lyon 2, and it was nice to be able to connect with them about what it was like being an international student.


A little selfie with my Eattiz hosts – what great cooks! Thank you for sharing your Brazilian cuisine with me.

They both put me to shame as they had perfect French and very good English and can obviously speak Portuguese as well.

As Eattiz hosts they were extremely professional and welcoming, so I can only hope that other people get to experience a night of Brazilian cuisine and culture with Marina and Renato.

They seemed so happy to be hosting this group of strangers in their home and sharing their native dishes with us – it is this fact that made me realize what a successful platform Eattiz is (and will continue to be).

Eattiz is here to change the way we experience different cultures

On top of this, shares articles and recipes, making this a website that really grasps the idea that “food is culture”, as the websites CEO, Kahina Ahcene explains.

“I started Eattiz to change the way we travel. We have to meet locals. There is no better excuse than a good meal and a warm home to do so.”

As an Erasmus student from Glasgow, the whole point of my exchange is too immerse myself in a new culture.

Eattiz allowed me, a girl from Scotland, to experience Brazilian cuisine in a French apartment – culture certainly wasn’t lacking here.

The evening was a “home away from home”

Before arriving at my hosts apartment, I was slightly nervous about what the evening had in store as my French lacks any form of “je ne sais quoi” and I also had no idea who I was going to be eating with.

The appetisers my hosts had for the guests as we arrived. The cheesy puff pastries were my favourite.

Within seconds of arriving, these worries were squashed – my welcome was warm, smelled amazing and I even successfully completed “la bise” with the other guests (I’m still getting used to it, but I’m getting there).

Everyone briefly introduced themselves and explained what they did – there was such an array of people and it was extremely interesting learning about where everyone was from and what their connection to Lyon is.

There is nothing better than a home cooked meal

Brazilian food isn’t something I had ever tried before but after my meal at Marinas, it is something I will definitely be trying again. Little appetizers were offered as I arrived, followed by the most delicious Tapioca-Flour Crepes with cheese and salmon.

My favourite course – Chocolate brownie with caramelised banana. The perfect dessert to end the evening.

There were two options for the main, Beef or Mushroom casserole with mashed potato and of course I tried both. They were delicious. And dessert…oh the dessert: Chocolate Brownie with caramelized banana.

Eattiz is without a doubt a revolutionary concept that will, in time, change the way we experience travelling. I left Marinas flat with a full belly and new friends, and even though I wasn’t able to take part in much conversation due to my poor French skills, I still felt like I had learned so much.

This platform allowed me to experience Brazilian cuisine and French culture at the exact same time and that is pretty remarkable to me. I would encourage everyone to give Eattiz a try as it promises to be a remarkable evening.

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