Urban Treasure Hunt in Lyon with Graffiti Artist PEC

Published: 2018/06/01 by

Local graffiti artist « PEC » launches his own treasure hunt through the streets of Lyon starting on June 1.


Famous for his goofy birds located across Lyon, local graffiti artist « PEC » has dispersed through the city’s streets his « Brik à Knar », recycled and personalized milk cartons tagged with the famous bird « Knar ».


An artistic treasure hunt through the streets of Lyon starts on Friday June 1st. Local graffiti artist « PEC » is dispersing 69 recycled and personalized milk cartons, featuring his most famous character, the goofy bird « Knar ».

pec milk cartons treasure hunt in lyon

Local graffiti artist “PEC” has dispersed recycled and personalized milk cartons for an artistic treasure hunt through the streets of Lyon.

The city is turning into a huge playground for « PEC ». His « Brik à Knar » (nickname for the recycled milk cartons) are placed in many strategic places of Lyon, attached to a tree or a road sign.

« To bring joy to on-lookers » is the main ambition of « PEC », who is looking to make art accessible to everyone.


The most audacious hunter to win one of the PEC’s paintings

Local residents have the task to find these colorful milk cartons, take the most unusual picture imaginable of the « Brik à Knar » and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #LesBrikdePEC. 

« PEC » will then pick out the three best pictures of the treasure hunt and will re-post them on his Instagram wall. 

The hunter with the most-liked picture will win one of the artist’s paintings.


Who is « Knar »?

The goofy bird « Knar » has elected home in the streets of Lyon for decades. The extravagant universe depicted by « PEC » now adds perches thanks to the « Brik à Knar » treasure hunt.

Stéphane, known as « PEC » and founder of the famous « Birdy Kids » collaborative group (in which he stayed for 6 years until 2016), started painting through the streets of the Montchat neighborhood in 1989. 

pec milk cartons treasure hunt in lyon

The “PEC” artistic universe is represented by his signature graffiti named Knar”: colorful, simple and goofy.

After years of practice, he eventually gave birth to « Knar » and the colorful bird quickly became his signature tag, which is now an integral part of the city’s urban scenery. 

Every local resident has seen « Knar » on the walls of Lyon, a joyful creature with a strong strabismus and confused demeanor.

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