Three Michelin-starred Lyon Chefs to Give “Le Diner des Etoilés” on May 31st

Published: 2018/05/04 by

Six hands, three Michelin-starred Lyon chefs for the experimental “Le Diner des Etoilés”


The Rue du Boeuf in Lyon hosts three Michelin-starred chefs, joining together on May 31st for “Le Diner des Etoilés,”  an unique culinary experience in the historic courthouse of Vieux Lyon.


The three Michelin-starred Lyon chefs based on the Rue du Boeuf, Anthony Bonnet, Jérémy Galvan and Tsuyoshi Arai, are throwing a six-handed dinner on May 31st, called « Le Diner des Etoilés ».

The three chefs, headlining the new generation of French gastronomy, join their talented efforts to offer a unique culinary experience in the historic courthouse of Lyon, with a €150 menu per person (drinks included).


michelin star chefs in the rue du boeuf in lyon

From left to right, Tsuyoshi Arai, Jérémy Bonnet and Jérémy Galvan represent the three Michelin-starred restaurants of the Rue du Boeuf in Lyon – © Nicolas Vuillon.

The Rue du Boeuf, located in the Vieux Lyon, is one of the streets in France with the most Michelin-starred chefs, backing up Lyon’s classification as the world’s capital of gastronomy.


Meet the three chefs of the Rue du Boeuf

Anthony Bonnet leads the kitchen of the Cour des Loges, five-star hotel of the 6 Rue du Boeuf, with the knowledge and values received from his family heritage, rooted in the Monts du Lyonnais terroir.

A bit further down the street, at the 29 Rue du Boeuf, Jérémy Galvan earned his Michelin star in 2017 while working on an instinctive cuisine in his eponymous restaurant. His restaurant is at the forefront of Lyon gastronomy, creating daring dishes from local products.


Tsuyoshi Arai recently added a third Michelin star to the street by setting up his restaurant, Au 14 Février, at the 36 Rue du Boeuf. He mixes his love for Japan and France in his imaginative cuisine, thanks to bold creations inviting customers on a tasting journey.

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