Public Transport in Lyon for Newbies

Published: 2018/10/04
To further facilitate the arrival of newcomers to Lyon, This Is Lyon publishes its first Welcome Pocket Pass. A 20-page guide to getting by on public transit.


Download "Absolute beginner's guide to Lyon public transport"


Since its launch in 2017, This Is Lyon, the city’s first English-speaking website, has set itself the objective of making life easier for newcomers, tourists, expatriates and students by publishing news and events with the editorial line “Visit Lyon, Live Lyon”.

TCL: public bus in Lyon

TCL bus in Part-Dieu station

Today, more than 20,000 readers trust us every month to guide them and inform them about Lyon.

Over 80 tips involving public transport in Lyon

We have decided to go above and beyond by publishing our first Welcome Pocket Pass dedicated to transport in Lyon.

This 20-page PDF, available for only 3 euros (introductory offer), offers over 80 tips and tricks, as well as maps to help newcomers get by on public transport in Lyon.

How to use a Vélo’V and public transport in Lyon?

Should I take a taxi or the Rhônexpress shuttle to get from the airport to the city centre? Or should I take a cheaper taxi from the Part-Dieu station?

Rhonexpress airport shuttle

Rhonexpress airport shuttle.


At what hour should I avoid taking the funicular to Fourvière? How do I use a Vélo’V? How does the bus transit work?

These are a few examples of the many questions answered in this document, produced by locals, to guide you when you arrive in Lyon.

TCL metro station

Bellecour metro station. © Nicolas Robin

Feel free to download it and take the time to read it on the plane or train. Have a good trip and a safe arrival in Lyon!

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