Public services close this summer in Lyon

Published: 2018/07/10

Some parking lots and Lyon’s library will be inaccessible during the summer of 2018


Various public services are closing this summer in Lyon, like, for example, parking lots and the Part-Dieu’s big library. The administration is taking advantage of the summer to get construction work done.


Every summer in Lyon, it’s the same thing. Public authorities take advantage of the holidays and the departure of Lyonnais to get a lot of construction done on the roads or in buildings. Which can lead to the closing of certain public services.

close car park at hotel de ville in lyon

The parking garage at Hotel de Ville is closed through September 15. © Crouzet

Certain parking lots in Lyon closed for the summer

Lyon Parc Auto, the company which manages most of the public parking lots in Lyon, decided to renovate the Hotel de Ville parking lot (Lyon 1), located next to the Opera. It is closed until September 15th to allow paint and electricity jobs.

The Grolée park (Lyon 2) is also completely closed until September 10th.

The 1st and 2nd levels of the Cordeliers parking lot are also inaccessible until September 5th.

The last level of the Halles parking lot (Lyon 3) closes on August 1st to allow the installation of a terrace.

close parking lot at hotel de ville in lyon

In addition to the Hotel de Ville car park, Grôlée, Cordeliers, and Halles are also affected. © Crouzet

The Part-Dieu library closed in July

The Part-Dieu public library, the biggest one in Lyon, is inaccessible until July 30th.

Work is being done to allow the automatic returns of works (books, DVDs…) with the installation of deposit boxes outside the building. During the month of August, the library is open from Monday to Friday, 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM.