OnlyLyon Launches Website Dedicated to Lyon’s Food

Published: 2018/04/30 by

C’est Lyon Qui Régale is OnlyLyon’s Catalog of All Things Food


OnlyLyon has launched an initiative to support Lyon’s gastronomic reputation and promote local markets, restaurants, festivals and more.


Lyon’s tourist office OnlyLyon has introduced a new part to their website and a new project on their agenda: C’est Lyon qui régale, a database dedicated to Lyon’s food scene.

c'est lyon qui regale cooking class at the food factory in lyon

C’est Lyon qui régale offers information on cooking classes and tastings in addition to restaurants and festivals. © Jenna Careri

C’est Lyon qui régale, which in English means “It’s Lyon’s treat,” is a website in conjunction with the Only Lyon site profiling all things food happening in the city, from restaurants to cooking classes to festivals.

The site is in English and French, for both local residents and international visitors. C’est Lyon qui régale is meant to be the must-read guide for Lyon’s food culture, reinforcing the city’s reputation as the world capital of gastronomy.

But it doesn’t just include the city. Lyon’s food scene expands through the Lyonnais, the Beaujolais, the Northern Côtes-du-Rhône, Bresse, and all the surrounding areas. Only Lyon’s C’est Lyon qui régale seeks to promote this variety and give people a true taste of Lyon’s diverse cuisine.

the food factory in croix rousse in lyon

C’est Lyon qui régale will partner with markets and cooking businesses like the Food Factory (pictured above) to offer cooking workshops and tastings. © Jenna Careri

The site is structured in five sections: markets, featuring the most emblematic of Lyon; cooking workshops and classes; tastings; fine dining and culture from traditional bouchons to international cuisine; and festive events, which includes the food fairs and festivals currently becoming so popular in Lyon.

C’est Lyon qui regale is run by a team of 20 journalists, cooks, event planners, foodies, and Lyon institutions and partners to bring the best of Lyon’s food to the forefront of the city’s cultural life.

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