Marseille’s supporters group to head directly to Lyon’s Stadium for the Europa League finale

Published: 2018/05/12

8,000 supporters from the Olympique de Marseille official convoy will skip Lyon’s city center for the Europa League finale on May 16th.


Supporters of the Olympique Lyonnais and the Olympique de Marseille have been arguing online for weeks and incidents are predicted in Lyon in the content of the Europa League finale on May 16th in Groupama Stadium.


Tensions have been running high lately between the soccer clubs of Lyon and Marseille. 

8,000 supporters are going to travel to Lyon on May 16th as part of the Olympique de Marseille’s official travel group to attend the Europa League finale, held in the Groupama Stadium.

marseille supporters group to confront in lyon

Tensions run high between Lyon and Marseille supporters and they could confront for the Europa League finale in Lyon.

Incidents are predicted around the stadium and the city center before the game. However, Thierry Aldebert, safety manager for the Olympique de Marseille, has announced the official travel group will be driven straight from Marseille to Groupama Stadium.

The convoy will skip the city center in order to avoid potential incidents with local supporters.


Incidents could still break out in Lyon’s city center

The Olympique de Marseille wants to separate itself from supporters wanting to « break everything » in Jean-Michel Aulas hometown, as well as hooligans trying to fight other hooligans from Lyon and Madrid.

The Europa League finale will be watched closely. Other supporters should come to Lyon on their own and incidents could break out across the city center, or outside the Groupama Stadium.

Marseille will face the Atlético Madrid for the Europa League finale on May 16th, to win the second-most important soccer competition between clubs in Europe.