Lyon: A Cool Galactic Trip with the Terminal Exhibition

Published: 2018/06/12
Exhibition. The Lyonnais art collective BlastArt transformed a shed in the 7th district into a spacecraft Terminal with sculptures and paintings resembling the worlds of Alien, Transformers and Half-Life. It will be open until June 21st.


It is a shed made of sheet metal, hidden in a building’s courtyard on Raulin street (Lyon 7). A couple of steps away from the Comoedia theater and the History of Resistance and Deportation Center, this location, which will be torn down and made into a parking lot this summer, will host a surprising exhibition until June 21st named Terminal.

Terminal exhibition in Lyon

Welcome to the BlastArt Terminal Exhibition. ©F. Crouzet

Welcome to space. The BlastArt collective made this shed a spacecraft terminal, with its lights, robots, transportation vehicles for space, sculptures of imaginary animals resembling those of Alien or Gremlin.

This place is made to remind you of the Transformers movie or the Half-Life video game.

Giant robot at Terminal exhibition

A giant robot made of raw material

Graffiti artist Kalouf, sculptor Romain Lardanchet and light artist Julien Menzel created this science-fiction universe with a great number of raw materials.

The 5-meter tall robot is made up of motorcycle pieces and the statue inspired by Gremlin is composed of headphones.

Monster at Terminal exhibition in Lyon.

Little beast made of headphones.

The artists spent over 5 months creating this ephemeral universe which will dissapear on June 21st. Certain pieces will be sold at that time. And a parking lot will then take the shed’s place.

Terminal. Open Tuesday through Sunday, from 2 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.. 46, rue Raulin, Lyon 7e. Free entry.


Alien statue at Terminal Exhibition in Lyon