Is your child’s school polluted in Lyon?

Published: 2019/04/14

According to an analysis by Greenpeace France, more than half of the schools and nurseries in Lyon and its surrounding area are situated less than 200 metres away from an area where levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air are above the legal level. 


Greenpeace Reveals Lyon’s most polluted schools


On 9th April 2019, Greenpeace published an interactive map which placed a map of nitrogen dioxide pollution on average in 2017 on top of the map of the regions nurseries and schools.

Placing a Pollution Map on Lyon’s Schools 

Thanks to 3D modelling and the map, which you can gain free access to via Atmo Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Greenpeace was able to establish the annual levels of nitrogen dioxide around each establishment.

“In Lyon, 13% of schools and nurseries are at least 50 metres away from an illegal level of nitrogen dioxide pollution, and 53% at least 200 metres away. It’s alarming, even more because simply respecting the rules nowadays no longer guarantees that there is absolutely no health risks “ explains Sarah Fayolle, in charge of the air pollution and transport campaign at Greenpeace France.


Road Traffic – the principal culprit of nitrogen dioxide emissions 

In Lyon, road traffic is the principal cause of nitrogen dioxide emissions. It’s diesel cars that are particularly guilty.

The Metropole of Lyon and the City of Lyon are responsable for protecting our children by extending as soon as possible the low pollution zone to include any polluting cars.” states Nicolas Rombauts, contact for air pollution and transport at Greenpeace Lyon.


Lyon’s Metropole Hits Back

Lyon’s Metropole has not waited for warnings from associations to react with determination in the fight against air pollution,” responded Lyon’s Metropole in a press release. 

“Lyon’s Metropole has been committed to the 2016 Oxygen Plan, which proposed intensified actions to reduce pollution, particularly in the sectors of housing, transport, and energy. Assistance in the buying of electric bikes was voted for in 2018, and the low emission zone was created in 2019. The 70 km/h speed limit on the ring road will be enforced on 29th April 2019.

Greenpeace Lyon’s activists presented this interactive map on 13th April at the Parc de la Tête d’or during a workshop to raise awareness of the problems of air pollution, and in order to continue to hold the Metropole and City accountable.