A Podcast Dedicated to Lyon’s English Teaching Community

Published: 2020/02/21
A freelance teacher shines a light on the wealth of Lyon’s English Teaching community through podcasting.

By Donald Larnell Smith

Setting up Shop

About six months ago I left my permanent English teaching job at an engineering school where I had worked for two years, and endeavored to set up shop as a freelance teacher for business English.

This wasn’t my first time delving into the world of freelance, and I was aching to rencounter the freedom I had once known and discover opportunities to develop myself professionally into something that resembled a businessman.

Podcast - Lyon English teachers Community


Building an network

As I began the laborious task of finding work and building a network, I loved my newfound freedom and the opportunities that my new station in life began to offer me, but there was something naggingly unsatisfying about my work.

It wasn’t the lower salary or inconsistent working hours, or even the annoyance of limited access to a printer that bothered me, rather I found I was missing, in a word, community.

Without a regular set of colleagues with whom I could share my daily triumphs and tribulations, I was missing one of the very things that makes teaching such a joy ; so I set out to do something about it.

An Adventure Begins

In the new year I created a meetup group called The English Teachers of Lyon, a play on the well known Humans of New York blog that captures snapshots of the varied human existence that is living in the Big Apple. Through that meetup group I met truly amazing teachers.

Over beer and tapas, I was astounded to learn of the wealth of experience and talent our English teaching community has on offer, and I began to think that perhaps others too would like to listen to the stories I’d heard.

The English Teachers of Lyon Podcast available soon on Spotify and iTunes

The English Teachers of Lyon Podcast is a platform to share those stories, and a way of revealing the rich community of English language teachers lying just below the surface.

The English Teachers of Lyon Podcast will be available on Spotify and iTunes in March, but in the meantime you can listen to episode one with my guest Robert Swan entitled, Rob & The Philosophy of Language here on This Is Lyon.