A closer look at the Nuits Sonores music festival

Published: 2017/04/02

The Nuits Sonores, 2017 night program, was recently revealed, allowing music lovers to explore what this 15th-anniversary edition of the famous Lyonnais festival has to offer when the sun goes down. Helena Hauff, Stormzy, Talaboman, Lady Leshurr and the legendary Chemical Brothers are some of the confirmed acts.

By Ana Victoria Torres

The extensive and carefully assembled lineup serves as evidence of the commitment the event and its organizers have with their vision of Nuits Sonores as a unique experience. This year the event looks back at its origins while presenting a contemporary as well as an innovative idea of music and art. The festival will take place from the 24-28 of May 2017, using more than 40 venues throughout the city to tell a story of energy, unity, and sound.

The concept behind the party

Vincent Carry director of Nuits Sonores alongside its artistic team, define the weeklong event as a representation of what is modern and cutting edge in the feel of the independent, electronic and digital culture.

“A unifying force, Nuits Sonores is all about accessibility and the drive to bring audiences together, regardless of generational, social or territorial barriers. The festival brings together the values of openness and cultural crossover, defending the universality of music” explained Carry in a presentation to the press in February.


Nuits sonores 2015, Lyon, Brice Robert

Acts like Soichi Terada from Japan, the percussions of King Ghazi and the presence of Omar Souleyman a YouTube sensation from Syria are part of the diverse music styles and cultural backgrounds that the festival offers to showcase.

The Nights

The program for this year is the result of a historic exploration that for five nights invites festival goers into a better understanding of the current global artistic scene.
How is Arty Farty -the organization behind Nuits Sonores- planning on doing this without sounding like it’s giving a history lesson?

By having pioneers like jazz player Pharoah Sanders, the industrial rock band Einstürzende Neubauten and Turkish musician Mustafa Ozkent perform in the same mix with up and coming artists like Khidja, Harvey Sutherland, and The Pilotwings.


A remarkable comeback is the one made by Lyonnais DJ P. Moore, a relevant figure in the French techno scene during the early 90s he will be in charge of closing with a bang the first night in Hall 1.

The Fagor-Brandt factory located in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon is the chosen space for all the night presentations in the festival. Following the tradition of previous years, the central location will have three halls where different genres from hip-hop to electro will merge.


Main event: The Chemical Brothers

Who wasn’t mesmerized by the hypnotic story of the Hey Boy, Hey Girl video or who didn’t whistle through the catchy but powerful beats of Galvanize?


The Manchester duo composed by Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons are trailblazers of the Big Beat electronic style, starting in the underground scene of the 90s and making it to the forefront of pop culture today with a revolutionary performing vibe.

They have become icons of techno culture and a clear influence in what we listen to today, as shown by their 2015 album Born in The Echoes. Their participation in this anniversary edition is an apparent tribute to the origins of the festival back in 2002 and to electronic music in itself.

The Chemical Brothers will be performing on Nuit 4 Halle 1, Saturday 27 May 2017 at midnight.

The Circuit

A series of simultaneous events known as The Circuit will be taking place on Nuit 2 Thursday 25th all across the city in 15 popular music venues; this is an excellent opportunity to experience the festival in a casual manner by hopping from place to place.
Some of the acts that will be part of the circuit are Tommy Four Seven in Ninkasi Kao in Gerland, Ondatrópica in Transbordeur, Roy Davis Jr. in La Plateforme and Cassie Raptor in the Lavoir Public.

Extra information

Visit the Nuits Sonores website to see the full program for the Nights, Days and Circuit events and to purchase tickets, or download the program (PDF).
Nights Tickets
38 € full price
32 € reduced price


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