2018 Gay Pride Parade To Walk Through Vieux-Lyon

Published: 2018/06/09 by

The 2018 Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade takes place in the streets of Lyon on June 16th.


The Lesbian and Gay Pride, also known as Pride Parade, is the main annual meeting of the LGBTQ community in Lyon for a day (and night) full of festive activities and parties.


2018 lesbian and gay pride parade in lyon

The Lesbian and Gay Pride in Lyon walks in 2018 around the city center, in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th arrondissements – ©Benson Kua (Flickr)

Organized by the Lesbian and Gay Pride association, the Pride Parade takes over the streets of Lyon on June 16th for the most festive event of the year in the city center.

The LGBTQ community gathers in the streets of Lyon to celebrate and claim homosexual and queer rights every year since 1996. It has become the second largest Lesbian and Gay Pride in France, behind the Pride Parade of Paris, which usually happens a week later.


Walking parties in the streets of Lyon

The 2018 edition of the Pride Parade leaves Place Bellecour around 2 p.m. and circles around the city center, through the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th arrondissements of Lyon. The event comes back to finish its course on Place Bellecour around 5 p.m.

The Pride Parade is one large party in the streets of Lyon: the free demonstration regroups many floats of various influences, providing music, dancers, drag queens and fun activities along the course of the event.



The Lesbian and Gay Pride continues in the evening, with a night full of parties. Click here to find out about the places to party after the Pride Parade.

Other floats are dedicated to social and political activities, which is one of the major focus points of the demonstration for decades.


The Pride Parade to walk through Vieux-Lyon

Forbidden to the Pride Parade since 2010, Vieux-Lyon finally comes back to the Lesbian and Gay Pride route in 2018, according to LyonMag on Friday, June 8th.

A compromise was found and the demonstration will follow the Saône riversides from Pont Bonaparte, near Bellecour, to Pont de la Feuillée, near Hôtel de Ville.

« The political aspect of demonstrating in the Vieux-Lyon is more important than the length of the Pride Parade route, » indicates the Lesbian and Gay Pride organizers. « It acts as the reconquest of the city. The Vieux-Lyon should not be a territory given to small far-right groups and affiliated shops. »

The administrative court of Lyon has previously ruled against the route proposed by the Lesbian and Gay Pride association, which initially planned on walking into Vieux-Lyon. 

The departmental prefect wanted to facilitate the intervention of security services and to avoid tensions between Pride Parade participants and far-right activists largely implanted in Vieux-Lyon.

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