Place Jean Macé Market

Jean Macé Market – A True Locals’ Market

Saturday and Wednesday mornings mean one thing for residents of Lyon’s 7th arrondissement – a trip to Jean Macé market to get in fresh produce for the week. The outdoor farmers’market specialises in fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as offering up other goods, such as Italian and Arab specialities.


Vegetables at Lyon's Jean Macé Market

There’s plenty of fresh veg on offer at Jean Macé market.

The Grocery Market

Lyon 7 is undoubtedly the hip and happening district of Lyon, but it’s also highly residential. It’s home to a variety of people: families, students, the retired, etc. All of such people can be seen doing their grocery shopping at Jean Macé market.

people at Lyon's Jean Macé market

There’s always a warm welcome at Jean Macé market.

There are always several fruit and vegetable stalls, often selling their goods in ‘plateaux’, or ‘trays’. Buying in bulk saves money and means your grocery shopping actually lasts a week. For example, 1.50€ gets you 4 garlics, whilst 2€ bags you around 6-8 onions.

There is an array of both regional and international fruit and veg. Exotic fruit is of particularly good quality and value at the market: 2€ for a few passionfruit, or a whole pineapple.

To complete your grocery shopping, there are always cheese, meat, and bread stalls (this is Lyon, after all!)

Specialist Stalls

There are also lots of specialist stalls, selling French goods such as pastries, cakes, or rotisserie chicken, or international produce. A word to the wise – try the raspberry financier at the patisserie stall – you won’t regret it.

Cheese at Lyon's Jean Macé market

A cheese stall often graces Jean Macé’s market.

Amongst the international produce on offer are a bao bun stall,  Middle Eastern wraps, and an Italian stall.

The Italian stand tends to be at the market every Saturday, serving up fresh, homemade ravioli, tagliatelle and pasta bakes, at a fraction of the price of indoor markets such as Les Halles.

Grab some tomatoes and fresh basil from the market and you have a great Saturday night meal.

Beyond Food

Testament to Jean Macé market being a locals’ market is the presence of homeware and clothing stalls. Not the most glamorous part of the market, but a great place to pick up cheap cutlery, etc.

Location and Access

Jean Macé market takes place right on Jean Macé square, visible from both the tram and metro stops.

Practical information:

The market is open every Wednesday and Saturday until around 12pm. Note that different vendors come on different days. The market can be fun for kids but it’s best to avoid using pushchairs and strollers, though many will be used by the locals nonetheless.

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