Ambroise Courtois Market in Lyon 8th

The Local Market in The Eighth District of Lyon


Walking through the open-air markets is a must-do when visiting Lyon. Marché Ambroise Courtois (or Marché de Monplaisir), located in the eighth district is a farmers’ market worth seeing and exploring. 

By Christy Velasquez

The Monplaisir market in Lyon 8th district

There’s about 40 vendors and it’s a smaller market than the Croix Rousse and Saint-Antoine, but you’re bound to find all your daily groceries: from cheese, fresh produce, delicious-prepared foods, meats, and freshly baked bread.

Monplaisir market in Lyon

Monplaisir market in Lyon 8th district

There’s even a selection of gluten-free breads, from Artisan Boulanger, Pascal Serre. You can spot his bread and pastry stand by the red checkered tablecloths.

A market with friendly producers

If you’re on the hunt for some exotic spices or corn on the cob in the husk, this is the market to visit. On Tuesdays, there’s a small group of vendors within the market who sell other products such as clothes, handbags and kitchen supplies.

Ambroise Courtois market in Lyon

The producers are extremely friendly, welcoming and willing to answer any questions about their products.

The market is right next to Monplaisir metro stop and across from the historical Institut Lumière of Lyon where the cinema was invented.

The producers are extremely friendly, welcoming and willing to answer any questions about their products.

Monplaisir Market Tips

  • On Wednesdays, in the evening the market is organic only.
  • Make a trip to the eighth and explore the market in the morning, visit the Musée Lumière and enjoy an afternoon lunch at one of the many restaurants lined along the square.
  • Be sure to bring cash. Some vendors take credit/debit cards, but there is a limit to how much you need to spend.
  • Bring your bag or basket for a more convenient shopping experience.

How to get to Monplaisir Market

The market is located in Place Ambroise Courtois in the eighth district of Lyon.
Take the green line metro D and exit Monplaisir.

For a more sustainable eco-friendly transportation, rent a bike from Velo’v and purchase a single ride for €1.80 or purchase a day pass for € 4.00.

There is a bike station right next to the metro stop on Cours Albert Thomas.

French "saucissons" on a farmers' market in Lyon France

French “saucissons” at Monplaisir market.

More informations

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6am – 1:30pm
Wednesday (Organic Market) 3pm – 8pm

How to get there?

Metro D and exit Monplaisir

Lyon food markets

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