La Commune – Where All The Group Can Choose Their Cuisine

Situated on an unsuspecting residential street in Lyon 7 is La Commune – a bar-cum-restaurant. But it’s a restaurant like no other. There are several stands, all representing a different cuisine, so every member of the group can choose their cuisine and still eat well.

La Commune brings together several cuisines in the heart of Lyon’s 7th arrondissement. Taken from La Commune’s website.


Many Cuisines in One Building


There’s plenty of cuisines to choose from at La Commune!

La Commune was established to act as a springboard for regional chefs who had ideas for restaurants that they wanted to test out.

Usually a restaurant that mixes cuisines would deserve being avoided at all costs. But La Commune is different. All the stands at La Commune serve up good quality and homemade food, authentic to their own cuisine. The chefs are chosen for their interesting and international cuisine and commitment to locally-sourced ingredients.

The stands change every few months, but currently the stands include: homemade vegetarian or meat curry, Italian risotto or gnocchi, French burgers, Asian streetood, Japanese noodles, a savoury and sweet eclair stall, and of course, a French dessert stall.

A Convivial Space

There are sofas, armchairs, tables and standing areas – take your pick!

A quick trip to the bar, then you order your food at your favourite stall, before taking your seat in one of the many seating areas. There are outdoor and indoor seating areas, each offering a different atmosphere, with music at differing volumes. But what all the spaces share in common is their conviviality. Friends come together to eat fresh, home cooked food from small regional producers, sharing happy moments.

Food court La Commune in Lyon 7

La Commune’s main room.

A Wide Programming – From Yoga to Music Nights

La Commune has established itself as an integral part of the community, not only due to its convivial eatery, but also because of the wide array of events they hold. Their programme is the definition of ‘something for everyone’.

La Commune often hosts yoga classes, theatre nights and conferences, but it’s also known for its music nights. The music is as varied as the food, from jazz nights, to folk music, to more hardcore music nights.


Average price for lunch: €12-15

More informations

Opening Times:
Tuesday and Wednesday: 7:30 – 00:00
Thursday and Friday: 7:30 – 00:00
Saturday: 11:30 – 01:00
Sunday: 11:30 – 17:00

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