L’Établi – Contemporary and authentic restaurant in Lyon

A French restaurant serving seasonal gastronomy in the Ainay area


An unassuming restaurant located in the Ainay area, south of Bellecour, in Lyon’s 2ndarrondissement, led by a former Christian Tetedoie (One-star Michelin). L’Établi offers a seasonal gastronomical menu with locally sourced produce that changes regularly.

By Soo Myong

A cozy and welcoming dining ambiance

The old vintage tools on the walls and the rustic yet contemporary hardwood floors of the restaurant help create a welcoming and cozy space at l’Etabli.

Etabli restaurant in Lyon

The rustic and wooden interior creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. © Soo Myong

The staff is attentive and the service is pleasant and remarkable.

Locally handcrafted knives are also offered to patrons before a main course, which is a unique feature to enjoy at l’Etabli (Lyon 2e) for an unforgettable dining experience with friends, family, and loved ones.

Well-balanced and creative cooking

Where to begin? The amuse-bouche, also known as a bite-sized hors d’oeuvre, was not ordered from the menu but offered by the chef.

Amuse bouche at Etabli restaurant in Lyon

Amuse-bouche full of flavor and texture. © Soo Myong

It was beautifully presented and delicious: the explosion of flavors and textures present in this single bite convinced me I wanted more.

As the main dish, the fish was moist and rich in flavor. The creative contemporary cooking style was evident once again in the combination of rich flavors, texture, and elegant plating.

The chocolate desert was no less succulent: perfectly sweet, texturally interesting and irresistibly crunchy.

Overall, all the plates were well- balanced and the result of thoughtful and careful planning.

Regional and locally sourced ingredients

L’Établi prides itself in showcasing a variety of products from their region. The restaurant’s vegetables are grown locally and so is their meat.

Etabli restaurant in Lyon

A combination of rich flavors and elegant plating. © Soo Myong

The beautifully handcrafted knives, chairs and plates are also products representing talented craftsmen of the area.

The decor is a definite must-see and a real treat if you have a passion and/or appreciation for woodcraft and handmade dinnerware. Enjoy a gastronomical treat at L’Établi.

Perfectly sweet and irresistibly crunchy.


On the lunch menu:

2 services 24 €

3 services 28€

On the dinner menu:

5 services 51 €

7 services 66 €

More informations

Lunch – Monday to Friday from 12-2pm
Dinner – Monday to Friday from 7:30-9:30pm
Closed – Saturday and Sunday

How to get there?

Metro A, D, Bellecour station

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