Discover the best places in Lyon to buy regional craft beers!


The beer scene in Lyon is growing in front of our eyes, with local beer factories and a wave of beer festivals, but do you know the best places to buy regional craft beers?


It is fairly easy to sit down in a pub or bar in Lyon and order regional craft beers. However, finding shops to purchase local products is something entirely different.

Here is a list of the best caves in Lyon to buy hundreds of craft beers hailing from the surrounding areas.



A mountain of regional craft beers from La Chope de Lug

300 local craft beer references are waiting for you in La Chope de Lug, right in the middle of the Vieux Lyon, along the famous Rue du Boeuf.

Opened in 2012, it could be one of the first beer shops in Lyon that began selling regional products exclusively.

chope de lug in the vieux lyon

La Chope de Lug is one of the oldest craft beer shops in Lyon selling exclusively regional products.

The cave promotes regional craft beers brewed in the Rhone-Alpes region. Blond, amber, dark, red, IPA, stout, triple: find any type of organically-farmed beer you could ask for.

La Chope de Lug offers a large selection of 75cl craft beers in bottles, from 7,50€ to 9€.

You can obtain gift boxes of eight beers for 35€, glasses, beer mugs and other beer-related products. Also, beer-tasting evenings can be set up in the shop upon reservation.

The “Animus” craft beer brewed in Vaugneray, in the southern suburbs of Lyon (8€50).

9, rue du Boeuf, Lyon 5. Open Tue-Fri from 2:30pm to 8pm, Sat-Sun from 10:30am-1pm to 2:30pm-8pm.


La Crafterie and their famous growlers

Have you heard about growlers in Lyon?

La Crafterie, which opened in 2016 on place Tobie Robatel, near Place des Terreaux in the 1st arrondissement, became the only place to take home draft beers in a glass bottle.

The concept of growlers is relatively new in France: it consists of putting draft beer in a pressured bottle of 1 or 2 liters, to conserve the quality and texture of the beer for 3 weeks.

You can take away a selection of 12 draft beers and then come back to fill up your growler.

trio of owners of la crafterie in lyon

The trio of owners gives you a warm welcome (and a shot of beer) when you set foot at La Crafterie in Lyon.

But there is more at La Crafterie. 500 bottled craft beers are stocked in the shop, from traditional to experimental products from around the world. The shop prioritizes beers for their flavors more than their origins.

Discovery and travel for “the exuberance of flavors”, above all.

Few are prepared to take on the Amurga imperial stout beer, made out of black butter, volcanic salt, vanilla and white chocolate ganache: a dark nectar of 11% (the 33cl bottle is sold for 12€).

La Crafterie works in partnership with La Canute, providing regional craft beers from the factory located in Lyon.

Growlers for 8€ to 16€ a liter.

4, place Tobie Robatel, Lyon 1. Open Tue-Fri from 2:00pm to 9pm, 11am to 9pm on Saturdays.


Beer kegs and “cruchons” from Escale Bière

Escale Bière provides many ways to enjoy artisanal beer in their young cave of Rue Ney in the 6th arrondissement, between Masséna and the former Brotteaux train station.

The shop privileges short circuits and regional products from 30 different brewers.

The craft beers range from the traditional to the most unique flavors, such as the tomato-pepper beer from BHB. You don’t have to worry about the price: there is a single rate for 33cl bottles (3,95€) and 75cl bottles (7,90€).

brewing kit and local beers from escale bière in lyon

Become a beer brewing amateur with all the equipment from Escale Bière in Lyon.

Gift boxes for beer-tasting, full kits for homemade brewing (75€) and “cruchons” (bottles of 2 liters) help re-creating the crafty experience at home.

It has put up a calendar of monthly beer-tasting sessions in the shop or elsewhere, upon reservation for a minimum of 6 persons.

You can also purchase gift vouchers for beer-tasting sessions or one of the gift boxes.

Escale Bière provides partnerships for events, which includes the sale of beer kegs for 75€ (20 liters) or 99€ (30cl with the beer tap), brewing kits and beer-tasting sessions.

Beer brandy and “cruchons”.

27, rue Ney, Lyon 6. Open Tue-Sat from 11am to 2pm, and from 4:00pm to 8pm.


The Norwegian touch of Les Fleurs du Malt

Owner of a bar in Vieux-Lyon and a cave opened in 2001 at the edge of the 7th arrondissement on Cours Gambetta, Les Fleurs du Malt counts as one of the main spots in Lyon for craft beers.

The shop offers a wide array of local beers within the selection of 300 craft beers, with extravagant U.S. and U.K. craft beers. The selection is based on flavors to enhance the tasting experience.

unique craft beer product from les fleurs du malt in lyon

The associate of Les Fleurs du Malt brews a craft beer in Norway for the Taiwan market.

Les Fleurs du Malt is adding more and more 44cl craft beer cans, popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. Most of the products remains 33cl bottles for around 4,50€ and 75cl bottles for around 8€.

The boutique lets you prepare customized mixes of 6 beers of 33cl, whether you are trying to arrange a party or putting together gifts.

Need ideas? Many gift boxes are already assembled by the shop. Or you could try two fruity blond beers from the Lyon-based Formosa Brewing Co., brewed in Norway for the Taïwan market that you will only find in this shop.

Beer-tasting sessions can be organized by Les Fleurs du Malt upon request, and they are open to leave their cave for a special event.

Craft beer cans of 44cl for around 6€.

56, cours Gambetta, Lyon 7. Open Mon-Sat from 2pm to 8pm, from 10:30am to 12pm and 2pm to 8pm on Saturdays.


Beers and whiskies of Péchés Maltés

Craft beer? Yes. Local whisky? Also yes. The Péchés Maltés represents an interesting mix of beers and whiskies down in the 3rd arrondissement, close to Place Guichard.

Guillaume, the owner and amateur brewer, has regrouped more than 100 craft beers primarily from the Rhone-Alpes region (as well as other French regions). You can dig up beers perfumed with hops or malt within a large range of flavors.

It is possible to discover some of these flavors thanks to a discovery set of 6 beers.

The Péchés Maltés showcases locally-infused whiskies, on top of worldwide and Scottish whiskies. Whisky-tasting sessions with a selection of products are organized in the shop, one or two Thursdays a month from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

The Domaine des Hautes Glaces, a farm-distillery nested between Grenoble and Gap, produces one-of-a-kind whisky imported from the Alps.

76, rue de la Part-Dieu, Lyon 3. Open Tue-Fri from 10:30am to 1:30pm and from 3:30pm to 7:30pm, from 10am to 12:30pm and from 2:30pm to 7pm on Saturdays.

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