Jeannine and Suzanne, the Rebirth of Grandma’s Tea Houses

If you’re looking for a gourmet snack or a weekend brunch, you should try Jeannine & Suzanne’s gourmet café. A well-decorated authentic tea house with delicious sweet pies near the shopping district.


By Kevin Bonnaud


There is one thing we all loved when grandma was hosting her friends to play belote. We knew they would make room for a gourmet break with cakes, pastries and pies. Going to Jeannine & Suzanne’s cafe may revive some such childhood memories.


Jeannine and Suzanne


The tea house located between Bellecour and Carnot squares offers five tasty pies. A grapefruit pistachio pie, a tart with caramel, lime and roasted pineapples, another pie made with Matcha tea, litchi, passion fruit and Jasmin flowers.

“Our desire was to have traditional desserts with today’s techniques, while adding a touch of originality”, says Sophie Roth Dit Bettoni, tea house owner.


A tribute to her grandmothers

The 30-year-old woman entrepreneur from Dijon (200 km north of Lyon) fell in love with Lyon when she came to the city for the first time. Two months later, she moved here.

Great-granddaughter and granddaughter of bakers, the world of pastry is familiar to her even if she pursued her own career. Observing there was a lack of old-style tea houses where people could chat for hours while enjoying fine food, she took a professional pastry course before opening the café in December 2015 whose name is a tribute to her grandmothers.


On the menu

Beyond sweet pies, the café offers savory tarts, soups and salads. One salad includes penne pasta, goat cheese, kiwi, pomegranates and apples. There are also fruit juices and lemonades, all made by regional producers. The menu changes every two months to use seasonal products.

Jeannine and Suzanne

The tea house does however get very crowded for weekend brunches so reservations are highly recommended. The meal starts with a salty platter including green salad and scrambled eggs. “You can have a hot toast with barbecue chicken, onions and cheddar or a zucchini soup with herbs and fresh cheese or even a salad with grapefruit, avocado, crab and hearts of palm”, Sophie Roth Dit Bettoni told This is Lyon.

As dessert, you have a choice between a pie, white cheese with homemade granola, fresh fruit or Viennese pastries. If it’s Sunday, there’s a special pastry such as a red fruits tiramisu.


An Authentic Setting

The design reflects the authenticity of the café as much as the food does. The place, a former donuts factory, was already unique with beautiful stones walls and beams, but Sophie Roth Dit Bettoni adds a personal touch. As you look at the menu on the big board, you see plates on the walls, an upside-down chair fixed to the ceiling. A hallway leads to a large room with sofas, armchairs and furniture from her grandparents.


Jeannine and Suzanne

“I wanted to create a familiar environment so clients can feel at home, relax on a couch all afternoon”, she says. Book, knitting and spirituality clubs host events here, regularly reviving grandma’s tea houses.

The café has a grocery shop offering teas, coffees, (chocolate) spreads, granola and homemade jams. Grapefruit-acacia honey-ginger, orange-carrot-cardamom and banana-orange-apples. The summer season will kick off on May 1 with a brand-new menu including iced teas and the opening of an open-air terrace.



Brunch (25 euros) / pastry + drink (around 10 euros)

More informations

Opening Hours: 10.30am to 7pm on weekdays – closed on Mondays 11am to 8pm on Saturdays / 11am to 5pm on Sundays

How to get there?

Subway A, Stop: Ampere Victor Hugo (400 m)