The Beer-Lover’s Guide to Lyon’s Bottles and Taps


The Best Beer and Where to Find it in Lyon the City of Wine


The Beaujolais stronghold might be a turncoat, as more local bars and brewers pop up on the scene with bold flavors and new ideas.


From bistropubs to beer boutiques to local brewers and more, Lyon is brewing its way into the international beer world more and more every year. 

Ninkasi Beer brewery in Lyon

Beer testing at the Ninkasi brewery in Lyon

The city has been graced with an increasingly prevalent and raucous Irish and English bar scene, with everything from classic Irish pubs to relaxed bar-cafés with full menus and daily specials.

But more and more the city is making its own mark on beer. The city of wine has turned into a brewer’s paradise, with Lyonnais beers brewed right here in the city and displayed at festivals throughout the year. 

From international cult classics to uncommon craft beer, Lyon has it all, and This is Lyon knows exactly where to find it.

Our best articles about beers and pubs

Third Annual Lyon Beer Festival at La Sucrière April 21 and 22

The Lyon Beer Festival returns with a focus on American brewers.

Where to Buy Local Craft Beers in Lyon

Take the best beers home with you.

Lyon, The New Capital of Craft Beers and Micro-Brewery

Urban, crafted and locally produced beers has become more and more trendy in Lyon. This Is Lyon has opened for you a few bottles of some good local beers.

Irish craft beers land in new Franco-Irish bistropub in Lyon

The best Irish craft beers served with fine French cuisine? It sounds like a perfect match to us.
James Edgar and Emma Clark put it to the test.

Discover la Canute Lyonnaise, Local Beer Factory in Lyon

Why Lyon is a beer city!     I admit – while the title “Lyon is a beer city“ may sound catchy, it is a little exaggerated. France is a wine country, and with the Beaujolais and the Côtes du Rhône not being far, Lyon is more a wine city than anything else. Still, Lyon […]

At Lyon Brewery Tom & Co, Organic Production is All in a Day’s Work

Lyon’s very own organic brewery located near Hotel de Ville.

Top Irish Pubs in Lyon

The city is teaming with Irish spirit.

The Wallace

Among the growing trend of British and Irish style pubs to arrive in Lyon is the Wallace which opened in 2005. It’s a pretty big place (holds around 200 people) and there are four large TV screens to catch up with the latest sports action including football, rugby, golf, cricket, NFL, Formula 1 and cricket.

The Albion

  The Pub: The Albion is Lyon’s first English pub opening its doors in 1982 and paving the way for the new trend of Anglo Saxon style pubs to take root in Lyon over the last 30 years. The evening’s entertainment is centred around a good pint in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The walls […]

Expat of the Week #2: Ian, from England

My name is Ian Wilkinson, 58 years old from Wigan in northern England. I’m a former teacher of Physical Education and rugby player.

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