Vogue aux Marrons, Lyon’s most popular funfair

Published: 2018/10/04

Fairground rides, bumper cars, duck fishing game, candy apples, cotton candy, 

Every little boy or girl growing up in Lyon knows what the Vogue des marrons is. La « Vogue » is Lyon’s most popular, biggest and and oldest funfair.

It’s a 150-year old tradition on the Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse.

Vogue aux Marrons in Lyon

Lyon Croix-Rousse funfair

Locals used to taste new white wines and the first hot chestnuts of the season while dancing in the streets from one neighborhood to another.

In the late 19th century, the vogue marked the last of the 12 funfairs held throughout the city from Easter to All Saints’ Day.

It’s a must-go for kids and adults who want to bring out their inner child…

Vogue des Marrons (Croix Rousse Funfair) – October 6 – November 11 – Subway C Croix Rousse

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Website: http://www.vogue-des-marrons.fr/