The Quais du Polar Celebrates its 15th Birthday

Published: 2019/02/24

The Quais du Polar set to Return to Lyon

The Quais du Polar comes to Lyon on 29th March 2019.

Lyon’s annual festival, The Quais du Polar, which brings together crime writers from all over the world, will take place from 29th to 31st March 2019.

A Festival for Crime Novels

The French infamously love crime novels, or ‘les polars’ – you will find shelves upon shelves of them in bookshops. The Quais du Polar celebrates this much-loved genre. It is a key event within the genre, attracting crime authors from all over the world. Experts and authors in the industry come together, along with fans of the genre.

Lots to Do

The Quais du Polar celebrates crime novels through a variety of mediums – book readings, meetings with authors, and conferences. There are also lots of fun events, such as an escape game, exhibitions, and concerts. Organiser of the event, Hélène Fischbach noted that the festival “shows the festive side of literature, that it’s not always got to be difficult, it can also be a party.”

This year sees a massive 140 authors, coming from 20 countries, flood to Lyon. Authors include Maxime Chattam, Tony Cavanaugh, and Robert Saviano – to name just a few.

Don’t Forget the Crime Films!

Lyon’s Institut Lumière will hold cinema events as part of the Quais du Polar.

The Institut Lumière, dedicated to cinema, will also be running events in parallel with the Quais du Polar. This year more than ever, the organisers wanted to show the compatibility of literature and films.

Many of cinema’s greatest figures will be present, including the director Bertrand Tavernier, and American set designer Brian de Palma.



Nordic Countries – This Year’s Theme

The theme to this year’s Quais du Polar is crime and detective novels and films coming from Nordic countries. 24 Nordic authors will be at the festival, and many of the crime films will also be of Nordic origin.

This year, there will also be an individual hommage given to the great Belgian writer Georges Simenon, to celebrate his contribution to the genre.

90,000 readers are expected to come to Lyon for the event – don’t miss out.

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Access to the festival is completely free.