Vaulx-en-Velin Swim Run in Miribel-Jonage near Lyon on June 24

Published: 2018/05/18

Discover the Lac des Eaux Bleues with the Swim Run competition!


The third edition of the Swim Run of Vaulx-en-Velin returns to the Grand Parc of Miribel-Jonage, near Lyon, to swim across and run around the Lac des Eaux Bleues.


The Swim Run of Vaulx-en-Velin takes place for the third consecutive year in the Grand Parc of Miribel-Jonage, on June 24. 

The race mixes swimming and running in the beautiful scenery of the Lac des Eaux Bleues, in the heart of Lyon’s largest green park, and teams of 2 athletes (men, women or mixed) compete together over the course of the competition.

swim run in grand parc Miribel-jonage near Lyon

Teams of 2 athletes compete in and out of the Lac des Eaux Bleues in Grand Parc Miribel-Jonage.


A traditional circuit and a new circuit for kids

Two circuits are available for the first time in Swim Run history: the traditional circuit, with 10,5 kilometers of running and 1,3 kilometers of swimming, and the inaugural kids circuit, with 2,9 kilometers of running and 300 meters of swimming. 

Both circuits alternate swimming and running.

Kids of 12 to 15 are able to partake in the kids event with an adult, while kids of 15 to 18 can participe as a team. 


No equipment, only a swimsuit

The start of the traditional race is located near the Atoll of the Grand Parc of Miribel-Jonage at 9:30am. The kids race starts 5 minutes later, at 9:35am. Both circuits are shaped as a loop across the Lac des Eaux Bleues.

swim run in grand parc Miribel-jonage near Lyon

The traditional race of the Swim Run is now followed by a kids race, open to kids from 12 to 18.

Equipment is forbidden in order to keep it as natural as possible: participants only need to bring their swimsuit (and swim cap) and their positive spirit to the Swim Run race! 

Click here to register for either event of the Swim Run. The registration runs until June 10.

Tickets for the traditional race cost 20€ per teammate, while tickets for the kids race cost 12€ per teammate.

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20€ per teammate for the traditional race.
12€ per teammate for the kids race.