The Rallye des Gones near Lyon on July 13-15

Published: 2018/05/30

The Rallye des Gones near Lyon to discover the vintage scooter culture for a weekend.


Passionated owners of vintage scooter bikes gather for the Rallye des Gones in Sathonay-Village near Lyon on July 13-15 for a weekend full of activities to discover the scooter culture.


All vintage scooter riders have planned a long-awaited meeting in Sathonay-Village near Lyon, from July 13 to July 15, for the biennial Rallye des Gones.

The Scooter Club Lyonnais, an association of vintage scooter owners in Lyon, organizes once every two years a gathering with hundreds of passionated riders coming from across France and beyond in Europe, usually riding their motor bikes to the event.

rallye des gones in sathonay-village near Lyon

Vintage scooter riders gather once every two years in Sathonay-Village, near Lyon, to share the same passion of vintage motor bikes – ©Rallye des Gones


Vintage scooter owners or curious spectators in the attendance

They share the same passion for vintage scooters for three days in July, during which meetings, dinners, parties and rallies to visit the suburbs of Lyon take place.

Vespa bikes win the prize of the most popular vintage scooter bikes at the Rallye des Gones, by far, but attendees are not restricted to this brand of vintage scooter.



Everyone is welcome to the event which is all about sharing the scooter culture: owners and enthusiasts of vintage scooter bikes (Vespa, Lambretta, Rumi, Bernardet, Peugeot, Terrot, DKW, Maico, etc.), old vehicles aficionados or even curious spectators.


The spirit of a vintage fair for scooter lovers

The Rallye des Gones does not lack of animations along the three days of the event. No subscription is needed for onlookers, however, vintage scooter exhibitors have to pay charges off.

A vintage scooter exposition is organized on July 14th in Sathonay-Village, while an exhibitors village helps finding vintage scooters spare parts, shopping second-hand vintage clothes or unearthing many kinds of vintage decorative items.

rallye des gones visiting the lyon surroundings

Hundreds of vintage scooter lovers travel across Lyon’s surroundings in order to discover the city together – ©Rallye des Gones

Two rallies take place across Lyon’s surroundings with many scheduled stops to discover some of the Lyon’s iconic places, such as the Abode of Chaos or the Fresque des Lyonnais.

Rock and punk concerts, as well as D.J. sets or burlesque shows, gather all the participants in the Rallye des Gones on Friday and Saturday evenings, with one bar and many food trucks.


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