New Fabienne Gras Exhibition at Mapraa in Lyon

Published: 2019/11/20
Plastic sculptor and modern artist Fabienne Gras work mixes the line between light performance spectacle and unpredictable naturally forming art. Working with plaster and molds, her art creates jagged and vivid bleach white landscapes that ride across like waves of white frozen paint. What looks to frozen bunched up bubbles seeming to froth and gargle in their place.
The beauty in the unexpected and unstable nature of her sculptors adds a level of true intrigue.


Fabienne Gras sculpture poster


Sculpture at Mapraa

Fabienne Gras has already created a stunning exhibition currently on show at MAPRAA (Plastic and visual art area of the Musée des Beaux-Arts). At the opening vernissage, the public watched with baited breath as the cast was removed from a magnificent, intensely fragile, 5 meter wall-length oeuvre, in a part performative, part technically virtuosic action.

The three works on display sit beautifully together, at once delicate, massive in scale and hauntingly beautiful. Using plaster, wooden beams and what one can only imagine as hours of studio-time research, the artist creates a magical world that is as detailed as it is forthright. Outstanding examples from an important regional artist on the nature of spontaneous and unpredictable sculpture.

Fabienne Gras piece at Musée des Beaux-Arts

Fabienne Gras

There is an attractive tenacity in creating are that is fundamentally self destructive. Fabienne’s art is filled with this juxtaposition of beauty with annihilation brought about by fragility. In watching one of her videos of the creation and installation of one of her works, the tedious unveiling of the piece where whatever the artists intention with the work will change is a deeply engaging viewing experience. Until November 23rd, her works will be on display at the Maison des Arts Plastiques et Visuels at Lyon’s Musée des Beaux-Arts for the viewing public to enjoy and appreciate.

  • When: Until November 23rd
  • Where: Mapraa – 7,9 rue Paul Chenavard, Lyon 69001

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