Lyon’s Salon du Randonneur to Return in March

Published: 2019/02/16

A Hiking Festival to Come to Lyon

The 13th edition of the Salon du Randonneur, Lyon’s hiking festival, is returning on 22nd-24th March 2019 at the Cité Internationale.

The Salon du Randonneur will take place on 22nd-24th March 2019 at Lyon’s Cité Internationale. Photo taken from the event’s Facebook page.

Find Out About All Areas of Hiking

Whether you prefer a short walk round your local neighbourhood or a hike in the Alps, there’s something for everyone at Lyon’s Salon du Randonneur.

Professionals from all areas of the industry – tour operators, specialists in hiking equipment, institutions and associations will be there to greet walking-fanatics and hiking-lovers.

A Truly French Activity

It was recently revealed that hiking and walking are the French’s favourite activities when they are on holiday. Whether you’re a tourist or an expat, you can channel your inner Frenchman or woman by visiting this salon!

It’s not just a French activity, it’s certainly a Lyonnaise one, given Lyon’s beautiful surroundings. With the nearby lakes, mountains and greenery, there could be no better place than Lyon to start your love affair with all things hiking. Unsurprisingly, a massive 43.8% of the Lyonnaise population hike or walk every week.

Not Just on Foot

There will also be exhibitioners showing you how you can embrace the great outdoors without having to put a foot on the floor! Why not cycle, ride a horse, canoe, or ski – to name just a few?

If you want to get to know the various ways you can exercise whilst admiring your surroundings here in Lyon, the salon is the perfect place for you. There will be tourist offices, travel agencies, and representatives from various regional and national parks.

New This Year

This year, all parts of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes will be represented along with various other French departments. It is also a more international affair, with exhibitors from Croatia, Greece and Peru.

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Tickets cost 5€, or are free for under 12s who are accompanied by adults.