Lyon’s Confluences Museum’s New Exhibition: Headdresses from Around the World

Published: 2019/06/12

Antoine de Galbert’s Donation of Headdresses Comes to Lyon’s Confluences Museum

Collector of headdresses from around the world, Antoine de Galbert, donated his collection to the Confluences museum in 2017. They will be on display as an exhibition from the 6th June 2019 until 15th March 2020.

Antoine de Galbert donated his collection of headdresses to the Confluences museum. ©Denis Vinçon

Each Headdress Tells a Different Story

Antoine de Galbert has collected a series of headdresses that originate from all around the world. De Galbert said on his collection, ‘As I contemplate my collection of headdresses, I get an exhilarating feeling of travelling around the world, like a journey without moving.’

Each headdress tells a different story. They may have a functional use, such as protecting oneself from the rain or the sun, but they also express an identity. Perhaps the wearer thought the headdress would ward off evil spirts. Or maybe the wearer wants to show their status, as a warrior, a member of a certain clan, or a monarch.

A Donation from Antoine de Galbert


The exhibition displays a wide array of headdresses from around the world. ©Pierre-Olivier Deschamps

Antoine de Galbert collected more than 500 headdresses over a series of 30 years. He was moved by their beauty, individuality, and uniqueness of their shapes. De Galbert donated his collection to Lyon’s Confluences museum in 2017, and 334 of these headdresses are on display for the current exhibition. The exhibition, ‘Le monde en tête’, runs from the 6th June 2019 until 15th March 2020.

De Galbert collected headdresses from all over the world: Asia, Australasia, America and Africa. The display makes for a treat for the eyes with the variety of colours and materials: coloured feathers, hairs, pearls, wood, earth, tissue, leather, precious metals.


Entry to the exhibition is included in the usual ticket price.