Lyon Hosts its First International Social Housing Festival

Published: 2019/05/02

Lyon’s International Social Housing Festival June 2019

Lyon has been chosen to host the 2019 International Social Housing Festival, taking place from 4th-8th June 2019. Come support good-quality housing for anyone residing in a country – international resident or citizen.

Housing is something everyone needs. Find out about those who don’t have any, and those working to promote housing for all.

Promoting Fair Housing For All

The International Social Housing Festival promises, on its website, that above all it wishes to: “highlight the importance of access to decent housing for all, to celebrate the long tradition of public, cooperative and social housing and its key role in addressing current and future housing challenges.”

A series of events will take place form 4th-8th June 2019, all of which allow visitors to offer their support of decent housing for everyone, across the world, but of course, in the multicultural and international city that is Lyon.

Several professionals have been invited, including architects, researchers, and policymakers in charge of housing. So if housing for all is a matter that interests you, or something you feel passionate about, be sure to head to Lyon’s International Social Housing Festival.

Plan Your Own Programme of Events

There’s lots on every day, so it’s up to you to decide what you do, when you do it, and where you do it. For example, the events take place at various locations across Lyon, including the Matmut stadium, different town halls across the city, as well as universities, such as Sciences-Po university.

The events cover a series of topics, and takes place in many formats, from workshops, to visits and exhibitions, or conferences.

This is Lyon’s Highlights

  • “Out of the box housing solutions for the locked-out in Europe” – a workshop discussing the most innovative housing solutions in Europe. The festival isn’t just learning about housing problems, it’s about finding housing solutions – be a part of that. You can register here. The workshop is in English and will take place Thursday 6th June at Les Halles du Faubourg.


  • “Women without walls” – an exhibition taking place at the 3rd district’s town hall. The exhibition tells visitors about women who have experienced homelessness around the world – from London to Sydney. The exhibition has no entry fee, and takes place from 4th-6th June 2019.


  • “A Planet For Tomorrow” – a conference highlighting the link between housing and the future of the planet. The way we build our homes directly affects the environment – find out how. The conference will be in both English and French, taking place at the UCLy on 5th June 2019. You can sign up for free here.

The “core events” can be found here.

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Most events are free of charge.