Lumière! The invention of the cinema

Published: 2017/06/09
From Lyon, the Lumière brothers changed the face of the 20th century by giving birth to the cinema industry in 1895. If you want to discover the creativity of the Lumière family, go to the Musées des Confluences that welcomes the exhibition “Lumière ! Le cinéma inventé” first shown in 2015 at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Auguste and Louis Lumière in their laboratory in Lyon, circa 1925. Collection Institut Lumière

This exhibition is dedicated to Louis and Auguste Lumière, pioneers of the cinema in Lyon, and to their leading inventions in the field of images.
From the first reconstructed projection room to the screening of all of the 1,422 Lumière silent films on a masterful video wall, from the scale model of the original site of the Lumière factories to the 19th century optical toys, among posters, Autochromes and panoramic or 3D views, the visitor is plunged into the heart of the creativity of the Lumière family.

Lyon was the first setting for Lumière earliest films: aside from the very first, world famous “Sortie d’usine”, [workers leaving the factory]. Collection Institut Lumière.

This technical prowess is both the culmination of preceding attempts and the founding act of a new artistic practice that even today revolutionises our vision of the world.

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