La Maison M Celebrates its Fifth Birthday Party

Published: 2018/12/18

Maison M’s Kitsch Party Returns with a Whole Week of ‘Gym Lessons’

La Maison M is hosting a second Kitsch Party.

Following the success of the first Kitsch Party, La Maison M are celebrating their fifth birthday with a second Kitsch Party.

Drinking and Partying to ‘Get Fit’

There will be a series of different FUN and ADULT ‘gym lessons’-cum-parties across the week of 9th January-13th January 2019.

Variety of ‘Lessons’

‘Lessons’ at the club include muscle toning with Le Bing Terrazza, getting in shape with the drinking game Touché-Bourré, and cardio training with an XXL Twister.

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Prices have not yet been released, but keep an eye on their website and Facebook page.

The events will be held at La Maison M, 21 Place Gabriel Rambaud, 69001, Lyon, from 9th January-13th January 2019, from 4pm until 4am.