Go See Four Stephen King’s Horror Films in One Night

Published: 2019/02/22

A Horror Marathon in March

Want to scare yourself silly? Head over to the Institution Lumière at 8pm on 9th March 2019, which is showing four horror films in one night.

Four horror films will be shown over one night. Photo taken from the event’s Facebook page.

A Night Filled with Horror

The Institut Lumière will show four of the most well-known horror films across the night of 9th-10th March 2019. The schedule is as follows:

1. 8pm – Carrie – directed by B. De Palma
2. 10:30pm – The Shining – directed by S. Kubrick
3. 1:30am – Stand By Me – directed by R. Reiner
4. 3:30am – Creepshow – directed by G. Romero

Films Based on The Books of Stephen King

All four films share one common thread – they are all based on novels by famous horror author Stephen King, other than Creepshow, which was a screenplay written by King. King’s horror writing is infamous, and so are the films that have stemmed from the novels. If you’re a fan of horror films, it’s certainly not a night to miss out on.

More than Just Films

In the short breaks between the four films, the Institut Lumière promises entertainment, readings of extracts from the books and even a few surprises!

The Institut Lumière

The horror film marathon will take place at Lyon’s Institut Lumière.

The film night will take place at the Institut Lumière in Monplaisir, which celebrates Lyon’s Lumière brothers, who were pioneers in cinematography. What better place can there be to watch some of the best horror films than the place where the cinematograph was invented?