Experience an international Apéro with Sojoourn!

Published: 2019/09/06
Freshly arrived in Lyon (or not), if you’re in the mood to meet international people, Sojoourn organizes a monthly event called the ApéroExpats (next one is on Thursday, September 26 at Mowgli Café)

What is ApéroExpats?

It’s a gathering of the expatriate community (international or French back in Lyon) but also newcomers for drinks or an apéritif in French. It is held every month in the coolest place in the city like upcoming cafés or hip hostels.

The goal of AperoExpat?

A moment to share great conversations in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. ApéroExpats is a place to exchange tips, meet people from around the world, share experiences, ask “travel/expats” questions and grow your network.

Expats in Lyon

AperoExpat at Mob Hotel in Lyon © Juliette Guilbaud

Sojoourn welcomes you with a drink, ApéroExpats participants enjoy an after-work event in some of the coolest places in Lyon!

The bonus? ApéroExpats happens in a new place every month! It’s a good way for you to discover new addresses in Lyon too.

Expatriates supporting expatriates

One of the keys to successful integration in a new country is forming relationships or network. This is why Sojoourn offers newcomers and expats the platform to develop meaningful connections thanks to their networking meetups.

It is a great way to tap into a community with other expats who can support you, who can refer you and who can grow with you!

The ApéroExpats Anniversary Edition

Sojoourn is turning 1 year old this month! To celebrate this HUGE milestone, they will be holding a very special edition of ApéroExpats on Thursday, September 26 at Mowgli Café. An urban jungle for you to definitely discover in the heart of Lyon.


Ticket costs 10€ with one drink + collation included