Escape Reality at Lyon’s Yggdrasil Festival

Published: 2019/01/17 by

Yggdrasil Festival to Bring the Wonder of Imagination to Lyon

Step into not 1, not 2, but 3 magical universes this February 16th and 17th, at Yggdrasil imaginary worlds Festival.

Explore Three Magical Universes

Unlike most festivals, the Yggdrasil Festival invites visitors to plunge themselves into the activity. Three different universes are open for discovery: medieval, steampunk and fantastical.

In the medieval world, you’ll find a snowy medieval village, whilst in the steampunk universe, you will stroll down a London alley. Finally, a walk through the fantastical universe will reveal an elven camp ready to celebrate the ‘Fête de la Lune’.

Get Involved!

Come dressed up to this year’s festival! ©LX’Art and Yog-Sogoth Photography,

Visitors are encouraged to go all out and dress up for their visit to the Eurexpo, where the festival is being held.

You can get involved on the day by participating in shows, meeting guests, such as Youtuber ‘Castor Mother’, and taking part in the cosplay costume contest.

Treat Yourself

You can also do a spot of retail therapy in each of the three universes. From jewellers in the medieval universe, to make up artists in the fantastical universe, there’s no excuse not to treat yourself!

More information

Price information :

Ticket prices to be confirmed, keep an eye on the website.

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