Electronic Music Comes to Lyon’s Auditorium

Published: 2019/02/20

Arty Farty Celebrates its 20th Birthday

To celebrate Arty Farty’s 20th birthday, a weekend of electronic music is coming to Lyon’s auditorium from 15th-17th March 2019.

Arty Farty is celebrating its 20th birthday at Lyon’s auditorium. Photo taken from Arty Farty’s Facebook page.

Arty Farty – An Association for Electronic Music

Arty Farty is an association that wishes to eradicate the view that electronic music is lower than other forms of music such as classical music. When the association was established in 1999, Lyon was known as ‘the capital of anti-techno repression’. The association was created to promote techno music and its culture. Arty Farty created the famous Nuits Sonores music festival in 2003.

Arty Farty Comes to Lyon’s Auditorium

Lyon's auditorium

The festival will take place at Lyon’s auditorium.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Arty Farty will host a weekend of electronic music at Lyon’s auditorium. This recognises the work that the association has done. In Lyon’s hub of classical music, there will be a weekend of electronic music – not exactly the auditorium’s usual vibe.



A Hectic Weekend

There will be something for everyone, from club nights, to a performance by Lyon’s orchestra. There is even something for children – take them along to the Mini Sound event on Saturday.

The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Friday 15th March 2019
8pm-11pm: AN IMMERSIVE NIGHT – organised by l’Adami, in collaboration with Arty Farty
11pm-5am: ARTY FARTY CLUB – with Rrose, DJ P.Moore and more (this event is strictly 18+)

Saturday 16th March 2019
2pm-6pm: Mini Sound for children with C’est Content. (this event will be free for children)
7pm – 8pm: Lyon’s Orchestra Performs
11pm-5am: Garçon Sauvage Club — Arty Farty, 20 years party with Job Jobse, L’homme Seul and Cornelius Doctor. (this event is strictly 18+)

Sunday 17th March 2019
6pm-7pm: Debate – ‘Music, the soundtrack of our fights’. (free entry)
8pm-10pm: Arnaud Rebotini will perform – playing 120 beats per minute.

More informations

Website: http://20ans.arty-farty.eu.


Prices are as follows:

— Pass Arty Farty, 20 ans! (Arty Farty Club + Concert de l'ONL + Arnaud Rebotini plays 120 BPM): 36€
— An Immersive Night: 9€
— Arty Farty Club: 12€
— Lyon’s orchestra’s concert: 11€
— Garçon sauvage Club: sold out
— Arnaud Rebotini plays 120 BPM: 26€