The Dance Biennale and Choregraphed Parade

Published: 2018/01/11

Like every even-numbered year, 2018 is the year of the Dance Biennale in Lyon: a two-week festival with popular and experimental dance performances held throughout the city by 40 national and foreign companies. (14-30 Sept. 2018).


Lyon Dance Biennal, a successful festival

In 2016, the 17th Biennale was successful, drawing nearly 115,000 spectators.

The most anticipated event of the biennale happens on September 16 when 5 000 people representing hundreds of towns from the region participate in a choregraphed parade in the streets of Lyon.

Lyon Dance Biennal

Lyon Dance Biennal. The popular Défilé and the public dance class on Place Bellecour (Lyon Dance Biennal, Stéphane RAMBAUD)

The défilé, which usually draws 300 000 spectators, will be about world peace as we commemorate the abolition of slavery (1848), Armistice Day (1918), the Human Rights Declaration (1948) and the Martin Luther King Assassination (1968).


Lyon’s Défilé pays tribute to the Rio Carnival

Maison de la Danse director Guy Darmet founded the Lyon Dance Biennale in 1984. Created in 1996, the Défilé pays tribute to the Rio Carnival and has become a cornerstone of the Dance Biennale.

The parade brings together amateur participants, aged 10 to 80, from the Rhône-Alpes region managed by 250 professional artists upervised by professional choreographers.