Courir Pour Elles: Lyon’s Race for Women’s Health

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Run for Women this May 2019

Courir Pour Elles takes place every May 2019. Women run to improve their own health and raise money to contribute towards fighting female cancers. This year’s event takes place on 19th May 2019 at the Parc du Parilly.

This year’s Courir Pour Elles will take place on 19th May 2019. ©Aurelie Allanic. Photo taken from Courir pour Elles’ website.

Women Helping Women

What could be better motivation for a run than knowing you’re doing it for a good cause? Courir Pour Elles benefits associations that work in preventing female cancers and improving the quality of life of women suffering from cancer.

Since 2010, more than 80,000 women have participated in the event. The association has donated 900,000€ to support ill women and 440,000€ to associations that fight against cancer.

Walk, Run, or Do Yoga

Courir Pour Elles is suitable for all abilities. There’s a 5km race for fans of running or a 10km race for more experienced runners. If running isn’t your thing, you could join in with the yoga class or 5km walk. Under 16s can participate in yoga or the 10km race.

A Convivial Moment

There is a friendly and supportive atmosphere at Courir Pour Elles. ©Aurelie Allanic. Photo taken from Courir pour Elles’ website.

Running at Courir Pour Elles isn’t just about the exercise, it’s about sharing a moment with other women and running for life. It’s a festive and familial day to which all generations are invited.

Yoguer Pour Elles is equally as convivial, with women who perhaps aren’t as able to run coming together to also celebrate life and fight against women’s cancer.

Health Village

Also in the grounds of Parilly park is the health village, where everyone can come together and meet Courir Pour Elles’ partners.

It is the meeting point for all participants and supporters, to remind them just what they’re there for.

You can also buy memorabilia at the Courir Pour Elles boutique, profits from which go towards caring for ill women.

More information

Price information :

The 10km race costs 27€, whilst the other two races and yoga class cost 22€.

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