Citroën 2CV Lovers to Gather in One place

Published: 2019/03/19 by

Calling all Fans of the Citroën 2CV

The 2CV festival returns to Lyon for the 25th time from 19th-22nd April 2019.

Lyon’s 2CV club brings together fans of the Citroen 2CV from the region. Photo taken from the event’s Facebook page.

Lyon’s 2CV Club

Since 1991, Lyon’s 2CV club has brought together lovers of the Citroën 2CV, along with its derivative models. The members meet every first Friday of the month, as well as organising special outings. They also attend meetings and events hosted by 2CV clubs all over France, and even abroad, such as in Belgium and Switzerland.

The club has around 40 members, coming from Lyon and its surrounding areas, such as l’Ain, la Loire and l’Isère.

2CV Fanatics in One Place

The 2CV festival is a highlight of the club’s year, as Citroën 2CV fans meet at the Sathonay-Village park to celebrate their love of these cars.

The festival brings around 1500 cars – 2CVs and their derivatives.

The festival is a jam-packed weekend, with rallies, games, car exhibitions, and dance evenings, to name a few events. It’s a convivial and happy way to spend a weekend. This year’s agenda includes a surprise outing on Saturday afternoon, a hot meal served in the Festival room on Saturday evening, followed by a concert and DJ. On the Sunday, the vintage cars will be brought together, and there will be a tombola and games.

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