Discovery Bike Ride around the Lakes of Miribel-Jonage on August 5

Published: 2018/05/30

Hop on your bike and discover the many lakes inside the Grand Parc of Miribel-Jonage.


The Grand Parc of Miribel-Jonage organizes a discovery bike ride on August 5 to discover the secrets of the park’s lakes, which is a great opportunity for summer family outing.


discovery bike ride around grand parc miribel-jonage

The bike ride organized around the Grand Parc of Miribel-Jonage is the perfect opportunity for kids to discover the many park’s lakes – ©Mathilde André

The lakes of the Grand Parc of Miribel-Jonage own many secrets and the park’s unique environment near Lyon is open to discovery on August 5 with an organized bike ride across the natural areas.

Created as part of an industrial history, the park’s lakes and ponds have developed and are now the home of many living organisms. Grab your own bike and learn more about the park’s nature through a guided tour. 


A bike ride perfect for family outing

The guided tour around the Grand Parc of Miribel-Jonage lakes and ponds could be the perfect activity for family outing during the summer. 

Even though registration is strongly advised because of the limit of 20 persons (click here to register), the bike ride remains free. You only need to bring your own bike to the guided tour.

Kids above 8 are accepted, but the presence of an adult is necessary.

The bike ride starts around 2:30 p.m. on August 5 at the meeting point of l’Iloz, near the Grand Large lake in Décines-Charpieu, and it should take around 3 hours to be completed.




Free guided tour.