My name is Benoit, I’m 28 and I arrived in Lyon when I was 18. Since then never left for more than 1 year. Even if I really need nature and the countryside, I have a profound love for this city. I’ve been helped so many times while traveling in other countries that I’m glad if I can give back a bit using this plateform. My work is about creating websites in French and English, doing SEO/SEM and CRM consulting in a company called Vestri. I truelly enjoy the feeling of understanding the architecture of a company and translating it the best I can on the internet.

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Where to eat vegan food in Lyon?

Vegetarian food and restaurants in Lyon     If food is quite important in France, Lyon find a real glory about its traditional dishes and when you are talking about traditions it’s becoming hard to argue nicely.   When you are becoming a vegetarian when you’re French it can be hard but at least you […]

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